A look at things to come

A look at things to come

A look at things to come

Thanks for stopping by! This site will be updated frequently as I work through this enormous pile of slosh I call my stories. I write a number of genres, including cyberpunk, steampunk, fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure. My current trilogy (yes, I’m jumping on that good ol’ trilogy bandwagon) is an amalgamation of steampunk, sci-fi, and dystopian elements, with a little sleaze thrown in to keep you on your toes. More information will be made available as I update it!

I am working on a collection of a few short stories, which will also be available for free here sometime in the near future.

Finally, I also write glorified fanfiction set in the Blizzard universe. Specifically, I like to write about the Forsaken and how they grapple with their unique place in the world of Azeroth. And you can bet that you’ll be seeing plenty of work from this project–it’s a full-length novel. The photo you see at the top of this post is from a machinima series I started awhile back. The novel is the finished adaptation of that series.

I hope you enjoy your stay, and please don’t hesitate to connect with me via Twitter, Facebook, G+, or email if you would like to chat.

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