Murder: Horror Flash Fiction Stories

Murder: Horror Flash Fiction Stories

Murder: Horror Flash Fiction Stories

Just a quick update on a recent project!

The awesome Mary Papas put together a flash fiction contest a while back, and I entered two stories. One got first place! The other is now featured in this anthology, along with other fantastic authors Adam Ickes, Luke McEwen, Marc Nash, and Samantha Bacchus.

You can find this anthology alongside my other books here, or just head straight over to Amazon Kindle Books and purchase it for only $1.99!

2 thoughts on “Murder: Horror Flash Fiction Stories

  1. Y.I. Washington

    Awesome! Congratulations, Delina. This is fabulous news. I’m not big on horror stories, but I will head over and purchase this and read it. I am looking forward to reading both of them.

    1. Deina Post author

      Thank you! I do hope you enjoy it despite not being a fan of horror. The original prompt for the contest was to use the word “murder” in the story, so you could really write about whatever you wanted as long as the word was included. So my story isn’t even about murder, and I think it’s the only one in the anthology that isn’t. So it kinda sticks out haha 🙂

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