Steampunk Novelette: The Magnum Opus

Steampunk Novelette: The Magnum Opus

Steampunk Novelette: The Magnum Opus

So, I’ve been talking about my dark steampunk novelette The Magnum Opus for awhile now. It’s finally here, and you can download it for only $1.99 at all the best ebook sites!

Find your copy of The Magnum Opus below:

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2 thoughts on “Steampunk Novelette: The Magnum Opus

  1. Ashley Carlson

    Hi Deina,

    So excited to find you on here and read your stuff. I just started working on a steampunk-ish (not a word but I will prevail!) novel and know almost nothing about the genre. Looking forward to getting some good tips. 🙂

    1. Deina Post author

      I try to post useful tips for writers on a fairly regular basis! But I also update with short stories too 🙂 I hope you enjoy the steampunk stuff I have on the site! Any questions just follow me on Twitter and I’ll be happy to chat 🙂

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